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LP017, AFVisual The M-36

by David Doyle

Published by Letterman Publications, no ISBN, 50 pages.

This is a handy reference for modellers. With just one page of text the emphasis is on photographic coverage, nicely split between wartime photos, Tehnical Manual extracts and preserved vehicles. First is a section of general photos, including one showing the congested turret when a 90 mm gun was fitted into an M-10. Then some detail closeups, including the hinges for the front trackguards that are so hard to see in photos taken from ground level and the complete Ford GAA V-8 motor out of the vehicle. Next is a seris of views inside the turret of the T71 pilot vehicle - useful as a guide, but photos of the actual M-36 turret would have been better since they’re not accompanied by any comment whether the production turret was identical inside.
A further selection of general photos segues into coverage of the added turret roof armour, very useful indeed since it even includes shots showing how each of the different sections opened. This is of course on the “official” roof, not the field-fit mostly seen in Northwest Europe in 1944/45, but a great guide nonetheless. Then there’s a section of wartime photos showing the M-36 in Northwest Europe, followed by the M-36B1 with its M4A3 Sherman hull. To end the book there are a final section of shots from the Tech Manual with useful details and some more preserved vehicle closeup details.
This is a very useful book, with some great reference shots for modellers. More emphasis on the details would have been welcome, but there’s only so much that can be fitted into a book this size. Recommended with that reservation.

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John Prigent