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L016, AFVisual Pacific in Focus

by David E. Harper

Published by Letterman Publications, no ISBN, 60 pages.

Here’s a good selection of Pacific War photos, ranging from Shermans and LVTs to Japanese tanks. There are even photos of Japanese armoured river patrol boats in China – I hadn’t even known they had such boats before.
Some shots are from official sources, and have been seen before though rarely printed at this large size, but many are from veteran’s albums and new to publication. I can’t resist singling out for mention the M1 composite Sherman on page 9 with its added bustle rack, which would be a simple addition to a suitable kit but change its appearance considerably. Though most of the Japanese tanks are seen as knocked out they aren’t all in bad condition, and even those that are completely wrecked remain interesting since they’re new.

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John Prigent