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Campaign 137: Saipan & Tinian 1944

by Gordon L Rottman, illustrated by Howard Gerrard

Published by Osprey Publishing Ltd, ISBN –84176-804-9, 96 pages.


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There was some debate among the US High Command over which route to use to attack Japan in 1944. The deciding factor in choosing the Marianas seems to have been the need for airfields in those islands as B-29 bases.
Japan had held the Marianas since 1920 and they were heavily settled and regarded as effectively part of Japan. This meant that they were also heavily defended, though US Naval and air strikes had a heavy effect on their fighter and bomber defence against invasion.

Mr Rottman starts by describing the plans for the seaborne assault and the Japanese preparations to resist it. The attack itself, and the moves inland against fierce resistance, are fully covered – including the Banzai charges that put paid to the Japanese tank forces.
The illustrations show very clearly what the terrain looked like, and will make splendid reference for anyone modelling a diorama base though their main purpose is, I’m sure, to show the men and machines. They do that equally well, and are backed up by good colour plates, while the maps and bird’s-eye views make it very easy to see how the twin attacks developed.


Recommended to anyone with an interest in the Pacific war.
John Prigent

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