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Custom Dioramics CD 2002 Sherman Periscopes

Andrew Dextras

This very handy new detailing set from CD is a really welcomed accessory for any sherman maniac.  Many kits, for example the Tamiya M4A3E2 Jumbo, arenít really busy enough going on to justify buying a complete PE set that you will only use 20% of.  One area that could use a little bit of extra, and immediately noticeable, detailing are the periscopes.  CD has come to the rescue with this resin and PE set which gives you enough parts to detail several shermans.  Included in the set are resin periscopes, resin periscope covers, PE periscope holders, PE rotating mounts and PE periscope guards.   

Overall, a very handy set to spruce up a bunch of shermans.

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