Concord 7045 The Battle of the Bulge

John Prigent

Concord 7045, The Battle of the Bulge, by Steven Zaloga, ISBN 962-361-689-9, Concord Publications Co, 72 pages, 172 photographs, 16 colour plates.

Steve Zaloga wastes little space here, giving just three pages of introductory text for background information and the course of the fighting.  The rest of the book is pictorial, with excellent captions. Those who already have a selection of books covering the Bulge campaign, US and German tanks will find some of the photographs very familiar, but just as many were new to me and they’re all clearly reproduced – better than in earlier books, which in any case are mostly out of print so not available to new enthusiasts. 

Yes, the mock-M10s converted from Panthers are here, and so are the StuG3s disguised to look to the unwary as if they were US vehicles.  Given the state of vehicle recognition by most soldiers at the time, they might have succeeded in their deception.

 Recommended to anyone who doesn't already have books with photos of this battle. Those who do will need to look at it and decide for themselves, but note my comment above about the clarity of reproduction!