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Militaria in Detail #3 M3 Grant/M4 Sherman

Andrew Dextras

The third book in this series concentrates on the M3 Grant and M4 series of vehicles. These books are intended as photo reference works for modellers and such are chock full of colour closeup photos and drawings within their 50 or so pages. The text is in English only.

Coverage of the M3 Grant includes 14 pages of closeup images of the Bovington and IWM vehicles. These include details which will be helpful when modelling ABM’s upcoming M3 series kits or anyone wishing to add details to Tamiya'’ older kits.

The coverage of the M4 series is more extensive. 36 pages feature colour detail shots of many different Sherman variants including M4A1 76mm VVSS, VC Firefly, M4 105mm, M4A2 76mm HVSS and others. Due to the large amount of variants covered there are only a few images of each type, but these will be helpful as they give a good assortment of Sherman photos. The suspension types are well covered by both photos and well done sketches.

The book is topped off by some excellent 1/35 scale side view drawings of 18 M3/M4 series vehicles.

Recommended for all Shermanaholics.

Militaria books are available in North America from AirConnection

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