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Eduard US 37mm gun tube for Academy M3 and M3A1 (item 34029)

by Frank De Sisto

This is a straightforward item that should prove useful not only for the Academy kits, but for any US vehicle requiring a 37mm gun, Thus, it can be used on any of the Tamiya kits of the M3 and M5 light tanks, the M3 Lee and Grant medium tanks as well as their M8 armored car. It will also be useful for Italeri’s M8 armored car and their LVT(A)1.The gun tube is a single piece of turned aluminum with a thinner protruding rod at the breech end to aid in fixing it to the designated kit. This should also allow it to be easily adapted to any number of appropriate kits.

The gun has the proper “look” since it features a muzzle tip with a very subtle flare and the small grooves around the tube’s collar. Dimensionally, it matches the gun tube in the AFV Club M3A3, so it is as “correct” as that one may or may not be. Whatever the criteria a prospective buyer might use when considering this accessory, it certainly “looks” the part and will save some time.


Eduard products are available at retail and mail order shops and directly from the manufacturer at: www.eduard.cz. Visit their web site for images of reviewed items.