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Hobby Fan M10 Interior Conversion

John Prigent

Well, that's what's on the box, but actually its an interior upgrade set.   Nicely cast, no bubbles or warps, and the casting blocks look easy to remove.

The drivers' area gets a floor insert complete with driver's pedals and escape hatch, though I thought the hatch was behind the assistant driver and this set has it behind the driver - anyone know for sure?  Onto this go separate steering and handbrake levers.   There's a pair of control levers to go inside the front plate by the driver, sidewall inserts with black boxes and wiring, and the cross-linkage for the top of the transmission.

Behind the driver's area the hull gets the four carbines which go under its roof plate and the electrical junction  box for the middle of the floor under the turret.  The turret itself gets a tommy gun to go on the SMG ammo box at the back, a replacement dial sight bracket and the gun travel lock that hangs from the turret roof.

As well as these interior parts the set includes replacement idlers without the hollow backs.  Very good, someone has been listening to the howls over those idlers with their visible hollow backs!

So here you get a quite good upgrade for the drivers' area and some useful bits for the turret.  Quite what the point of the carbines might be I'm not sure, as they'll not be seen with the hull assembled unless you take off the turret and use an angled mirror.   Personally I'm going to transfer them to an M20 where they will be seen, they're too nicely done to waste out of sight. 
The set isn't cheap, 26.95 here in the UK, but at the moment if you want to improve the M10's driving compartment this is the way to go.

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