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RHPS T48 M4 series track

Eric Mac Intyre

A welcomed new edition to the world of Allied detailing parts is this new set of M4 series tracks from RHPS. This set represent the T48 type, or in other words, the rubber block tracks with the rubber chevron. Each set contains enough track blocks and end connectors to do either a short or long hull Sherman with some extra links left over.

These tracks are the same model type as are offered in some Dragon kits such as the hard to find M4A1 Sherman. However, unlike Dragon’s offerings, these tracks have several beneficial features. Firstly, the RHPS tracks are molded very cleanly, with little or no mold seams to remove. Furthermore, there were no knockout marks present and sprue connection points are kept to a minimum. (It only took me an evening to clean up a whole set) Secondly, the tracks are molded in an interesting plastic which is somewhat flexible. This makes the tracks less brittle and less likely to break apart once assembled. Finally, and best of all, they are “workable” in a similar way as the AFV club tracks for the M3 Stuart.

The T48 tracks are suitable for virtually any kind of M4 Sherman, and even the M3 Lee and its variants. Pretty well anything which had an M3 or M4 based suspension could use these tracks. Historically, the T48 style tracks were very popular with most of the allies who used M3/M4 based vehicles which results in many subject opportunities.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this new RHPS T48 set to anyone considering using individual link tracks for their next Sherman project. Furthermore, as they are so easy to clean up and assemble, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to beginner modelers who want to try indy links for the first time.

Highly Recommended!

For more information RHPS can be contacted directly at pswartz@sssnet.com

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