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RHPS T54E1 M4 Sherman Track Set

Andrew Dextras

New from RHPS Models is this injection molded US Steel Chevron Sherman track. For a very reasonable $19.95 (or less from some retailers), you get individually molded end connectors and enough track links for a "short" or "long" hull M4 (or variants) plus some spares. The tracks are molded in a nice medium gray plastic and the plastic itself is very easy work with and far less brittle than Model Kasten tracks. The molding quality is very high and the end connector detail is exceptional.

The tracks are "workable" in the same sense as the recent AFV Club M4 series tracks. They assemble without glue but most probably would benefit from a little bit after assembly if you intend on handling the model a fair bit. One main advantage with the RHPS tracks in comparison with the AFV Club T51 tracks (RHPS also makes this track style) is that there are no knockout marks in sight. Thank you RHPS!

In summary, I would consider these tracks to be the best value of all the currently available M4 series track sets. Upcoming releases include a WE210 set and a set of duckbill end connectors that can be adapted to any of the RHPS sets. Highly recommended.

For more information RHPS can be contacted directly at pswartz@sssnet.com

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