Tamiya 35251 Sherman M4A3 105mm (Assault Support)

Andrew Dextras

This new release from Tamiya features many of the same components are their recent M4A3 75mm release (kit 35250) with the exception of the turret and a new figures.  For those unfamiliar with the M4A3 kits from Tamiya here is what you get in the box:

The upper and lower hull from the original M4A3 release (kit 35122), but molded in the new Tamiya OD plastic, sprue “A” from the M4A3 kit which includes the complete running gear, sprue “B” from the M4A3 kit which features the nose, rear plate and tools etc.  The tracks and sprue “D” (qty 2) are from Tamiya’s M4 Early Production kit and feature stowage, early style sprockets and driver/radio operator figures.  Curiously, Tamiya didn’t include the set of dished roadwheels (which was on sprue "H") like they did in release 35250.  Strange.

Sprue “X” (qty 2) features ammo boxes, a new commander figure and MG tripod in the stowed position.  Sprue “Y” features a variety of infantry weapons and equipment.  Sprues “W” and “Z” are figures, 2 of which were in release 35250, but with a new figure on sprue “W” (nicely done in his overcoat).

The “meat and potatoes” of this release however is the turret sprue “G”.  Although obviously based on the M3A3 75mm turret, the mold has been modified to allow correct representation of the .50 cal MG mount located just in front of the rear turret ventilator. It also features very nice new periscopes for the loader and gunner (the gunner’s periscope is the earlier unarmoured type) which feature separate periscopes and covers.  A nice touch.  The gun mantlet and shield are nicely done but will probably need a little bit of texturing to impart a cast look.

Overall, the least expensive way to build an excellent VVSS M4A3 105mm, a nice solid kit with some very well done new parts.

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