Trakz TX0004 LVT-A1 Detail Set

Andrew Dextras

One of the surprise releases of last year was Italeri's 1/35 scale LVT kits.  Although not perfect, they are a great starting point for a superdetailed model of this important vehicle family and are offered to the modeller at a very reasonable price.

Trakz has led the charge to be first to the market with correction sets for the LVTs and this is no doubt due to Pacific War guru Dave Harper who is the driving force behind these releases (ie: Amtrack fans should probably buy him a beer if you run into him).  The LVT-A1 detail set consists of a new resin upper hull, resin hatches and detail parts, new .30 cal MGs, a large sheet of photo etched copper featuring MG shields, engine grille, light guards, rear mud chutes, .30 cal ammo boxes and a Jordi Rubio 37mm turned aluminum gun barrel.

Instructions are very good indeed showing clear part placement and breaking down the subassemblies so it's easy to follow the steps involved.  Trakz thoughfully provides instructions on how to correct the rear turret angle which Italeri got wrong.  Trakz also gives instructions on how to make a pre-war ring mount, optional late war .30 cal in the front hull and production style gun tubs.

Overall, an excellent update set for an interesting vehicle.

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