Trakz TX0006 LVT-A4 Conversion

Andrew Dextras

Designed to work with Italeri's LVT-A1 kit this conversion set allows you to make the M8 HMC turreted version of the famous Amtank.  Now seeing as Italeri is supposed to release an LVT-A5 (an upgraded LVT-A4) of their own, why would you want to use the Trakz set?  Very simple:  the Italeri A5 will be a post war version with vision blocks on the turret sides and some hull changes.  Therefore in order to get a detailed and corrected WWII LVT-A4, the Trakz set is the best way to go. 

Major parts consist of resin parts including a new upper hull, complete turret with interior fittings and gun breech, .50 cal and .30 cal MGs and hull hatches.  A large PE sheet is included and features parts for the rear mud chutes, light guards, MG shields, ammo boxes, MG cradles and turret ring.

Trakz also goes the extra step and give the modeller extra parts for the Okinawa version (etched turret armour plating) and Marianas version (.30 cal mounts on the turret side).  Instructions are very clear and well annotated.

Highly recommended.

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