Trakz TX0007 LVT-2 Conversion

Andrew Dextras

This conversion set designed to fit to Italeri's LVT-A1 kit allows you to produce the unarmoured cargo carrier of this significant vehicle family. this conversion set comprises resin parts to build the complete interior "tub", a new front cab, .50 and .30 cal MGs, cargo compartment gun rails and hatch details.  A large photoetch sheet is provided and features an engine grille, gun mounts for the cargo rails, MG shields, ammo boxes, interior engine screen, rear hull mud chutes, light guards and periscopes.  Instructions are very clear and well detailed.  The kit is essentially similar to Trakz TX0005 (LVT-A2) except for the unarmoured cab design.

Recommended to all Pacific War fans.

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