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Warriors MW-004 US M3 75mm Half Track Conversion

Andrew Dextras


One of the more difficult to obtain conversion sets is the KMC 75mm US M3 half track conversion. These items were in great demand and examples would command top prices at swap meets and the internet. Well, thankfully for those of us who were unlucky enough to grab one of these great sets when they were released by KMC, and thanks to the folks at Warriors, those days are over!

The conversion set is comprised of a large number of cleanly cast resin parts and a nice photo etch sheet. Instructions are clear and simple and the provided diagrams show what Tamiya parts are to be modified in good detail. The gun assembly itself is very well detailed and the gun shield is a wonderful assembly of photo etched parts.

For more information regarding this conversion set, please see John Prigent’s excellent construction article.

In summary, excellent news for fans of US WWII armour and more excellent news on the way with the re-release of more KMC conversions by Warriors Scale Models.

Highly recommended.

Warriors website

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