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Warriors MW008 Dodge WC51/52 Canvas Roof

Andrew Dextras

Skybow’s recent release of their WC-51/52 “Beep” was greeted with plenty of cheers from Allied model fans.  With a variety of markings possibilities (US, Russian, Israeli etc..) and exceptional kit quality, this model is sure to find it’s way into every Allied modeller’s kit collection.  One possible way or really spicing up this kit is with the addition of a canvas roof.  There are a few methods to accomplish this, the most notable are to scratchbuild one using either tissue or putty.  However, for those less inclined to make a canvas roof themselves, Warriors has come to the rescue with this nicely done canvas roof in resin.  Cast in the usual Warriors light cream resin, the set consists of 3 parts.  Cleanup is minimal and a cursory dryfitting revealed fit to be very good.  


Warriors Website

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