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Community guidelines

Welcome to the Missing-lynx discussion boards. As a member of our community, we request that you abide by our Message posting guidelines, Community guidelines and our Terms of Use.

These Guidelines and Terms of Use apply to all areas of the Missing-lynx discussion boards. Messages posted on our discussion boards which violate our Guidelines or Terms and Conditions are routinely removed. We reserve the right to close the accounts of persistent violators of these standards.

The Missing-lynx discussion boards are a commercial community/discussion group service, and not a public chat network. Your right to speak freely here must be exercised with courtesy and self-restraint. When you enter Missing-lynx discussion boards, it is the same as entering any real privately owned facility, like a convention centre, theater, restaurant, or cafe. The manners and laws of real life apply, and we have the right to remove you if you violate the Guidelines or our Terms of Use.

When you post in a discussion group or enter a chat room, administrated by Missing-lynx, it constitutes your acceptance of all Guidelines, Terms and Conditions published on our site. If you do not agree to abide by such, please do not post on Missing-lynx discussion boards.


• Profanity or obscenities of any kind are not permitted, not even if disguised with *asterisks. Please remember that we are a diverse community of individuals with varying standards, and there may be minors present.

• Slanderous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, threatening and harassing comments are not tolerated.

• No personal attacks or "flames" are allowed. Flames are defined as comments that reflect upon the person instead of their opinion.

Real names must be used at all times.

• A valid e-mail address must be provided. (You may include anti-spam measures within your e-mail address)

• Please try to stay on topic.

• Posting of a single item to multiple topics is considered impolite.

• Try to make your Message Title clear and to the point, (no teasers please) this will help other users determine quickly whether your post is relevant for them.

• Political comments of any persuasion are not permitted and will be deleted immediately.

• Refrain from using these discussion boards for commercial or advertising purposes.

Failure to conform with these etiquette guidelines may lead to postings being deleted. Repeat offenders may be blocked from further participation in Missing-Lynx Forums.

In all cases, the moderators' descisions are final.


• We have been carefully investigating the issue of image copyright on missing-lynx. We have received legal advice that states that the posting of images on the site constitutes fair dealing and would not represent a copyright breach, provided that the following criteria are obeyed:

- images must be posted at low resolution (72 dpi)
- copyright and trade mark owners must be credited for the use of their images whenever this is reasonably possible

In the event that a copyright holder requests that an image in which they hold copyright not be displayed according to these criteria, we will respect their wish and remove the image from the site.

Please note, however, that Missing-Lynx's position on this issue may be modified in the light of new information or legal recommendations that may emerge. We remain committed to protecting the future of missing-lynx as a leading forum for armor modellers, and must therefore ensure that the site it operates is legally compliant.


• Each discussion group is looked after by one or more volunteer Moderators.

• Because Moderators are not always present online, or aware of all the details of a particular conflict, they cannot be held responsible for the content of comments that may appear in their discussion group.

• Any opinions expressed by a Moderator are those of the Moderator alone, and are not to be attributed to Missing-lynx.com.

Contact us
Please report any violations of the Message posting guidelines, Community guidelines or Terms of Use to the missing-lynx.com team

Changes in Community guidelines document

Missing-lynx reserve the right to modify this document at any time. This document is a companion to our Terms and Conditions of Use, and not a replacement for it.