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French Battle Tank B1 bis (w/single motor)

Tamiya , 1/35 scale

by Brett Green



Here is my first completion of 2015 - Tamiya's newly motorised 1/35 scale Char B1 bis.

I did not build this kit the first time around, and I have been very impressed with its fit and engineering.



The model was built straight from the box except for the pig tail lifting ring on the howitzer mantlet, and the addition of three lifting hooks on the Commander's cupola.



The model was painted with the Testor Aztek airbrush fitted with the tan-coloured Fine tip.

I used a few new Wilder products on this one, including the Fixer for the heavy pigment treatment, and Deep Shadow Wash - both with very pleasing results.

Markings are a combination of hand painted and modified kit and after market decals.



This project will be described in detail in Issue 107 of Model Military International magazine.

Model, Images and Text by Brett Green
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