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French Light Tank R35

Tamiya , 1/35 scale

by Brett Green



Here is my brand-new Tamiya 1:35 scale French Light Tank R35. You may find my recent in-box review by following this link.

I built the kit straight from the box including the decals and the very nice Commander figure. It was a joy to build, surprise surprise!



The model was brush painted with Vallejo acrylics over a dark green sprayed base. I picked paler colours as I assumed that weathering would make them darker. The colours and the overall finish looked terribly lurid and rough in progress, but I held my nerve and stuck to the plan. 



The black lines are mostly drawn on with a Sharpie. The Sharpie and paint finish was thoroughly sealed with several coats of Future floor polish before weathering, and even then there was a bit of bleeding from the lines into the surrounding colours. This was still much easier than painting or spraying the lines though.

The model is quite small. Check it out side-by-side with my finished but unpainted new Tamiya KV-1. Yes, they are the same scale!



I'll be writing this one up in detail and Bruce Culver will have a new Think Tank reference article in Issue 170 of Military Illustrated Modeller magazine.


Model, Images and Text by Brett Green
Page Created 21 March, 2020
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