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CV3/33 Serie II

Bronco, 1/35 scale

by Steve Zaloga


The new Bronco CV3/33 has to be one of the most expensive injection plastic tank kits out there, coming in at about $70 US for a tank about the size of a /72 Kingtiger or 1/48 Sherman. Still, it's a lovely little model and I presume that Bronco calculated the cost based on estimates of how few kits would sell.


I built mine pretty much straight out of the box. The kit includes a complete interior and has an excellent
set of link-and-length styrene tracks.



The kit goes together extremely well, though the suspension is fiddly and takes care. I built mine in the markings of the Italian CTV in the Spanish Civil War with unit insignia from the Bronco sheet. The crew figure is a Warriors Spanish Civil War Condor Legion figure with a Hornet head. The gasoline pump is a resin ADV diorama accessory. The Esso sign and the posters were researched off the Web and printed using an Epson ink-jet printer on Testor white decal sheet.



A more detailed article will follow in Military Modellling.


Model, Images and Text by Steven J. Zaloga
Page Created 3 April, 2009
Page Last Updated 4 April, 2009