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A10 Cruiser

Inside the Armour, 1/35 scale
by Brett Green


I have just finished painting and weathering Inside the Armour's 1/35 scale resin A10 Cruiser tank.

I scratch built a rear rack for four-gallon flimsies, a square rear mount for the AoS sign and spare tyres hanging from the turret and rear hull. The stowage is a combination of rolled and folded Kneadatite two-part epoxy putty, and a few packs from Value Gear. The lovely flimsies are from Resicast.



My model represents a vehicle sent to Greece in 1941. The basic camouflage colours (Light Stone and Silver Grey) are from Lifecolor. There seems to be little consensus about the actual colours used, but I thought this combination looked interesting.



I cobbled together the side and front camouflage from photos of different tanks (although the patterns all appear to be very different on these Aegean crusiers), but I could not find anything to suggest the finish on the engine deck. I thought that it was possible that this area might have been basic Light Stone,but at least one photo suggests the darker colour on top of the engine hatches so I took an educated guess at a pattern.

Markings are not included with the kit so mine were scrounged from four different decal sets for the Squadron Marks, Troop Numbers and Arm of Service signs. I could not find a Formation Sign for 2nd Armoured Division (3 RTR), so I carefully painted the feathered helmet with a fine brush onto a black square.

Now all that I have to do is paint up the crew figures!

This model will be described in detail in Issues 88 and 89 of Model Military International magazine, along with a Think Tank reference article by Peter Brown.



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Model, Images and Text by Brett Green
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