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A10 Cruiser Tank

Bronco, 1/35 scale
by Brett Green


The latest in a bit of a flurry of modelling activity is Bronco's 1/35 scale A10 Cruiser Tank.

I built this a few months ago but had to set it aside due to a number of other modelling projects. I was pleased to finally get around to painting the model in the Caunter scheme.



I used Mike Starmer's mix formulae from Tamiya acrylic paints, and also used Mike's A10 Cruiser Basic Drawing diagram, although at times the masking and painting felt like I was working on a 3D M.C. Escher model.

The figures are from Alpine's Item No. 35080, British Armoured Crew Set.

I'll be writing this one up for a detailed article in Issue 141 of Model Military International magazine.



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Model, Images and Text by Brett Green
Page Created 11 November, 2017
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