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Applying Zimmerit - Elefant and Brummbar

Testor and Tamiya, 1/35 scale

by Kirk Olsen


Here are two quick "how to" suggestions on the application of Zimmeret.

The first one used on this Testor's Elefant is a particular type of 2 inch wide tape that has been impressed with a pair of pliers. The gripping surfaces of the pliers emulate the Zimmeret pattern and the tape holds the impression very well. The impressed tape is then applied to the unpainted model and easily cut and trimmed with an x-acto. The vertical lines are then scored into the tape with the back of the x-acto blade.



The second is applied to a Tamiya Brummbar with a 1 inch putty knive. I used a lightweight, quick drying wall patching putty sold at paint stores. It is important that the right kind of putty is used. The quick drying lightweight material is wonderful to work with. Once dried, the putty has a consistancy of styrofoam that can easily be sanded and impressed with a tool. In this case I used a tiny screwdriver to make the Zimmeret pattern. Once mastered these techniques can make Zimmeret application fairly easy.


Image and Text by Kirk Olsen
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