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Pz.Kpfw. 35(t)

Academy, 1/35 scale
by Brett Green



Here is my new Academy 1/35 scale Panzer 35(t).

This is generally a very nice kit that fits together well. I really like the link and length tracks too. The only downsides are certain fiddly elements to the running gear (mainly due to tiny locating pins) and some details on the upper hull are not up to the standard of the rest of the kit (the exhaust and the jack in particular).



I also used the DEF Model resin and photo-etch update set, which offers extra detail and useful additional stowage where it counts. I would highly recommend this for anyone building Academy's kit.

The flag was formed from Kneadatite two-part epoxy putty. The swastika is a decal, while the red and white portions were masked and sprayed.



The two full-sized crew figures are from Evolution Miniatures' "Big Set-3", German Panzer Crew WW2. The driver's torso is from an old Warriors set, and his head is from Alpine.

Construction, detailing and painting, along with an informative Think Tank reference piece by Bruce Culver, are covered in Issue 93 of Model Military International magazine, available in early December on newsstands or online from ADH Publishing



MMI is now also available as a digital magazine that you can read on your PC or Mac home computer. This means that the issues are available easily on day of publication the world over.

To subscribe or buy single issues each month just go to www.pocketmags.com and register with an email address and password.

Thanks to DEF Model for the sample

Model, Images and Text by Brett Green
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