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"Predator's Perch" - Tiger I Ausf. E

Tamiya, 1/35 scale

by Britt Taylor Collins


Here is my 1:35 scale Tamiya late-version Tiger I Ausf. E, s.Pz., Abt 502, Russian Front, 1943.

This is the first serious piece of armor that I have ever built. I had started with a late version Tamiya. I visited a model show and saw the level of finish applied to the kits and promptly set my first effort away from public view when I returned home. I liked the features on an early version much better than the later variants. Someone traded me this Academy kit and I used it as a base without knowing better kits were out there. And this was before Dragon brought out their Tigers with all the aftermarket stuff in the box.

The turret is resin by Tiger Models, which I cut apart and rebuilt with all the right internal components like the Germans built it originally.

The barrel is aluminum. The tracks are Friulmodel. Every photo-etched piece that Aber makes is on it somewhere. All the tow cables are the scale multi-strand stuff, and are actually threaded through scratch built ferrels. All the welds are redone along with a special process to the large areas of armor to simulate the rolled plate.

She was finished with about 26 layers of paint and weathering.

There you go!

Image and Text by Britt Taylor Collins
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