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German Staff Car Type 82E

Ryefield Model, 1/35 scale
by Brett Green



Here is my Ryefield Models' 1/35 scale Volkswagen Typ 82E. 

This is a really nice kit - well detailed and excellent fit throughout.



Just about the only thing I didn't like was the vinyl tyres, so I bought a set of the brand new MacOne resin wheels to replace them.



I also added a Hauler roof rack enhanced with plastic strio and angle; a speaker and a couple of suitcases from Plus Model for the roof; and replacement resin wheels from MacOne (which are a major improvement).



The vehicle is finished as a Propaganda-Kompanie 691 car attached to Panzergruppe 1 advancing through Ukraine in 1941.

I also added a three-figure PK set from Bravo 6.



Construction and painting will be covered in detail in Issue 166 of Model Military International magazine, and Bruce Culver has written a fascinating accompanying Think Tank reference piece on the VW Beetle development and WWII usage.

Thanks to Ryefield Models for the sample

Model, Images and Text by Brett Green
Page Created 7 December, 2019
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