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Italeri, 1/35 scale

by Andrew Judson



Here is Italeri's 1/35 scale DUKW, kit number 6466

Not to long ago l did a review of this kit, and here it is now all built and painted up.

The model went together really well without any problems at all. I was impressed with the level of detail it had out of the box, though l did replace the .50 cal machine gun with a more detailed item from Academy.



I built the kit completely only leaving off the clear parts for ease of later painting.

A wide range of paints were used for this model - Tamiya, Life Color, Citadel, and Mig Filters and Pigments.

I started with a base of Tamiya Olive Drab and then applied high light tones by adding Buff and a small amount of Yellow to the olive Drab until l had the finish l was after.

Next using the new range of Citadel washes, l applied the chipping and staining to the paint work randomly over the entire kit, followed by several coats of Mig Filters over everything until l had the finish you see before you now.



As a final finishing touch, l very lightly applied some Mig Pigments to the kit in areas where dirt and grime may build up, especially on the wheels and tyres.

As a final touch, l decided to load it up a little with some fuel drums from the Tamiya Allied Equipment set. These were painted with different tones of Olive Drab from the Life Color range and then dirtied up with filters and washes.


There is more that l will do to this kit, such as loading it up with more equipment and most probably putting it on a base with some ground work and a couple of figures.

Keep an eye out for the next installment of this kit in the near future!



Model & Text by Andrew Judson
Images by Brett Green
Page Created 19 July, 2008
Page Last Updated 19 July, 2008