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US M8 Light Armoured Car "Greyhound"

Tamiya, 1/35 scale
by Brett Green


Here is Tamiya’s re-released 1/35 scale M8 Greyhound. I never built this one first time around and I should not have been surprised that it was a fast and enjoyable build.



Although Tamiya’s new package includes two figures and some stowage, I decided to customise my model with Legends’ sandbag armour and packs, plus The Bodi’s three-figure Greyhound crew, specifically designed for this kit.



I further customised the resin stowage with a few home-made packs and an Air Identification Panel for the rear deck made from Tamiya two-part epoxy putty.



I also bought FC Model Trend’s resin M8/M20 Highway Tyres. I was planning to ditch the kit mudguards so the wheels would be on full display, and I really liked the look of these skinny cross-ply tyres.



Mission Models paints were used for the camouflage, specifically MMP-025 US Army Olive Drab FS 34088 and a fading coat of MMP-022 US Army Olive Drab Faded 3.

I’ll be writing this up for a big article in Issue 174 of Model Military International magazine.

Thanks to Tamiya for the sample

Tamiya kits are distributed in the UK by The Hobby Company Limited

Model, Images and Text by Brett Green
Page Created 25 July, 2020
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