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Accurate Armour Preview
British Airfield Vehicles in 1/48 scale




Derek Hanson from Accurate Armour has supplied the following information about a new range of 1/48 scale models:

We will have by the end of this month the start of our new range of kits! I hope that they will be of interest to your readers.


This new range of classic vehicle kits from Accurate Armour in 1/48th scale will enable Aircraft modellers to compliment existing aircraft models with period vehicles and equipment. These kits combine fine detail with ease of assembly and come as standard with simple to apply brass detail set, full colour decals, and any other building materials required. They are supplied boxed with full colour instructions.


The first subjects designed by David Jane and Derek Hansen depict four classic WW2 RAF vehicles, which also served on USAF airfields in the UK during WW2, and Post War with the RAF well into the 1960’s. Every Airfield would have at least 3 out of 4 of these vehicles on site, in some cases in large numbers. All vehicles were used on both tarmac and grass airstrips.


Some of the subjects also have a dual interest for 1/48th scale AFV and vehicle modellers/collectors of army subjects, these kits also contain suitable army tactical & unit markings.


The first subjects are:-


K48001 Austin K2Y 4x2 Heavy Ambulance (RAF, USAF & Army)         

Classic WW2 British Ambulance, (also bought under ‘reverse lend lease’ by the USAF) with engine and full interior detail, 4 removable stretchers. Markings include NWE & desert units and insignia.





K48002 AEC 854/0854 6x6 2500 Gallon Refueller (RAF Bomber Command)

Classic WW2 British heavy bomber Refueller with cab and pump chamber detail, optional spare wheel carrier and hoses, used on both tarmac and grass airfields. Used for many years post WW2.






K48003 Bedford QL 4x4 950 Gallon Refueller (RAF)

Classic WW2 British Refueller for fighters & bombers with cab and pump chamber detail, elevating booms and hoses, used on both tarmac and grass airfields.Used for many years post WW2.






K48004 Crossley FWD Q-Series 4x4 Foam/CO2 Fire Crash Tender (RAF)

Classic WW2 British Fire Crash Tender with extensive tools, fittings, and C02 lines, used on    both tarmac and grass airfields. Used well after WW2

See 'Accurate Armour' site for ordering details:

Thanks to Derek Hanson and Frank Berger for the images and information

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Accurate Armour products are available from their website

In the USA, Accurate Armour products are alsoavailable from Mission Models Website


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