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Humber Scout Car
Bronco Models' kit in 1/35 scale





I just purchased Bronco Models' 1/35 scale Humber Scout Car.

Prior to a full review, I have taken a number of photos of the plastic, photo-etched and resin parts.

Preliminary impressions are very good.

Inside the box (which features a Commander with a hint of Michael Caine about him), the kit boasts full interior detail, including the engine bay. All hatches and access ports may be positioned either open or closed.

Photo etched parts include straps, racks and even a fine metal guard for the radio.



A sprue of infantry equipment supplies two .303 rifles, a Sten gun, Bren gun, various packs and two helmets.

A resin figure is also included.



Tyres are made from a hard vinyl material. There is no obvious centreline seam, but I would have preferred to see polystyrene plastic tyres.

Markings are provided for six vehicles. Decals are printed by Cartograf, and are in perfect register.


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Kit purchased with Editor's funds

Text and Images by Brett Green
Page Created 08 July, 2007
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