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Churchill Infantry Tank

Osprey Publishing

by David Fletcher and Henry Morshead

Reviewed by Peter Brown



Osprey New Vanguard 272
Churchill Infantry Tank
by David Fletcher and Henry Morshead


Paperback 9781472837349; eBook 9781472837356

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Available as soft cover, e-book or PDF.


GBP£11.99 plus shipping available online from Osprey Publishing's website. Digital Edition available for £11.50.

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First Read


Covers all the Major British Tanks of WWII. Well supported by photos and colour plates




Highly Recommended



Last of the British “Infantry Tanks”, the A22 Churchill had a troubled history. It stemmed from an idea for a WWI-style tank to cross No Man’s Land which was not what was wanted in WW2. A more sensible design evolved into a more typical tank for the era.

Rushed into production it was at first dogged by mechanical problems as well as forced to use the 2-pdr anti tank gun. Reliability improved, a welded turret with 6-pdr gun was followed by later versions with cast turrets mounting 6-pdr, 95mm support and finally 75mm guns. The final “Heavy Churchill” was a major re-design resulting in the best of the bunch.

Along the way an oddity without a turret carrying an old 3” antiaircraft gun was made which no-one could find a use for. By the war’s end work on an even heavier tank to be called “Black Prince” was in progress but before it was ready the need for it had gone.
The full history of all these is related in the author’s usual style and the series’ standard format. Photos show the development with colour plates giving a range of colours and markings along with a ghosted view offering a look inside. Note that only the mainstream tanks and not the specialised versions are covered, this does leave more space for them.

Highly recommended in either paper or electronic format.

Available online from Osprey Publishing and specialty book shops worldwide  www.ospreypublishing.com