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Update Sets for Airfix Cromwells

Resicast, 1/35 scale

Reviewed by Peter Brown


The original release of Airfix’s 1/35th Cromwell kits AX1373 and AX1374 had roadwheels with the wrong number of bolts as shown on the kit box arts as well as pistol ports on the turret without the prominent bolt heads of the original. The wheels have been corrected on later releases but the pistol port parts have not.

To correct this, Resicast have produced two sets with replacement wheels and rear turret side panels. This comes in two versions -

352450 Wheels, Late Idler and Correct Pistol Ports for Cromwell

352451 Wheels, Early Idler and Correct Pistol Ports for Cromwell

Their website does not state which kits these are for, they may fit the Tamiya Cromwell though that has the correct pattern of wheels and pistol ports already.

I went for the “late idler” version as I wanted the late-pattern idler.

All parts are direct replacements for the kit, no instructions are included. They are well moulded in light grey resin with some flash and pour plugs which need to be removed and cleaned up.

The roadwheels fit together in a similar manner to the real tank with the outer wheel slipping over the hub onto the inner.

Prices are €24.55 for 352450 and €22.31 for 352451

Both are available direct from Resicast SRL in Belgium via http://www.resicast.com


Text and Images by Peter Brown
Page Created 8 April, 2024
Page Last Updated 8 April, 2024