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Stone Ruins

Dioramas Plus, 1/35 scale

Reviewed by Steve Kubik



Catalogue Number and Description: Dioramas Plus Item# DP6 - Stone Ruins.
Contents and Media: Two building walls in hydrocal plaster
Scale: 1/35 - 1/32
Price: USD$19.95 plus postage available online fro Dioramas Plus
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Well detailed; easy to construct; includes instructions
Recommendation: Highly Recommended for all diorama builders



In Box Review

Dioramas Plus is not a new company. They have been producing kits for the railroad modeler for some time. Recently, however, they began to produce building ruins in 1/35. I became aware of them on one of Missing Links forums and took a gander at his website. The products appeared to be very good and I decided to try one.


The kit came packaged extremely well with no damage The castings are double wrapped, first in bubble wrap and then shrink wrapped to some sturdy cardboard. Generous amounts of filler paper ensured a secure packing to prevent movement.

Kit Parts

This kit is comprised of two building walls, front and left side. They’re made of hydrocal plaster and detail is very, very good, but only on one side. The window frames are made from laser cut wood.



There is also thin styrene for the glass. The kit also contains assorted rubble matching the structure and also loose bricks.




Six pages of instructions give detailed information regarding types of adhesives to use and which to avoid. The instructions are clear and concise, with 5 steps containing illustrations. Detailed painting instructions and weathering techniques are included. Since the kit is made from plaster, the builder recommends using a primer to seal the plaster before painting.


Construction appears easy. Sanding down the edges to clean off the flash This will ensure a square tight fit. The manufacturer recommends using 5 minute epoxy, as it gives you time to work to ensure a square fit, but says that super glue will work. He doesn’t recommend white glue, “as the bond will not stay strong if it gets wet.” I’ve never built one of these paster kits before, so I’ll take him at his word. I’ll use slow setting CA glue.


Kenny recommends priming the plaster parts before painting to seal them. Plaster will absord the acrylic paints so he primes them with Krylon flat white spray paint.


Highly Recommended

Randy Pepprock is a former Hollywood Scenic Artist and fellow builder. He is relatively new to the Military Miniatures world but has been producing structure kits for the model railroad builder for 15 years.

Dioramas Plus contact info
Phone 406 273 0942
Email: downtowndeco@montana.com
Website: http://www.dioramasplus.com/site/

Text and Images by Alex Dutt
Page Created 11 March, 2007
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