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"Joe Gunn" & Female Photographer "Diana"

DEF.Model, 1/35 scale

Reviewed by Brett Green


Title, Description, Price and Availability:

DEF.Model 1:35 scale Item Nos.:
DF35014 - U.S. Army Tank Commander Sahara 1942. Sgt. Joe Gunn.
DF35017 – Female Photographer “Diana”.

Each USD$16.00 plus shipping available online from DEF.Model

Media and Contents:

Resin and photo-etched parts. Details below

Review Type:



Simple parts breakdown; excellent casting and moulding; minimal cleanup required.




Two high quality figures.



Although DEF.Model is best known for its resin wheels and multimedia vehicle conversions, they also offer a range of figures.

One of their recent releases is “U.S. Army Tank Commander Sahara 1942. Sgt. Joe Gunn” in 1:35 scale. This figure is from the 1995 “Sahara” movie, and the figure is quite recognisable as Jim Belushi, who played the Sgt. Joe Gunn character.



The figure is cast as a single part for the heads, torso and legs, with separate arms. A Thompson submachine gun and a pistol holster are also included.  The gun sling is a separate photo-etched part.



The package is rounded out with a resin base into which the feet can fit.



This figure will make a nice compact vignette, but also offers interesting opportunities in a diorama with a 1:35 scale M3 Lee tank.

The second figure release under review is 1:35 scale Female Photographer “Diana”.



Once again, the figure is made up from a single part with the head, body and legs, with baseball cap and a helmet carried on her body, separate arms, shoulder bag and SLR camera.



Straps are supplied on a small photo-etched fret.

Casting quality is perfect and detail is impressive, especially the mane of hair on the photographer!

Available online from DEF.Model and specialist retailers worldwide www.defmodel.com

Text and Images by Brett Green
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