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Red Army Drivers

Miniart, 1/35 scale

Reviewed by Cookie Sewell


Stock No.

Miniart 1/35 scale Kit No. 35144; Red Army Drivers

Contents and Media:

46 parts in grey styrene





Review Type:

First Look


Single figures cover all times of the year for late war Soviet uniforms


Not suitable for use all together


Highly Recommendedfor all Soviet softskin, tracked tractors and wheeled armored vehicles


There are now a good number of WWII Soviet kits out in 1/35 scale covering most of their standard and Lend-Lease trucks as well as tracked artillery prime movers and also light armored cars like the heavy BA-3/6/10 and light BA-64 types. Miniart, always good with suitable figures, now offers a set of five drivers in different poses and three different types of uniforms.

Each one comes in six basic parts (head, torso, arms and legs) with add-ons for their specific uniform and duties.

Figure A is a soldier in greatcoat and “ushanka” fur cap pouring water into a radiator. He is wearing boots and no gloves and comes with a pail.

Figure B is a driver in the quilted jacket, also with the fur cap, and standing in the open door or driver’s side of a vehicle. He is wearing shoes and puttees.

Figure C is a soldier using an air pump with summer uniform with boots and “pilotka” side cap. He comes with a tire pump.

Figure D is a driver getting ready to hand crank his charge and is also in the summer uniform with “pilotka” and boots. He comes with a suitable crank.

Figure E is a soldier wiping off something (apparently on the engine) of his charge and comes with sleeves rolled up. He is also in the summer uniform with “pilotka” and boots.

All are very neatly molded and of good quality. Faces are nicely done and separate headgear make painting a bit easier. The greatcoat figure comes with a four part skirt to the coat that goes over his legs.

Overall, anyone who likes the use of a single figure to set off a model will enjoy this kit and the options it provides for adding just the “right” one to the model.

Sprue Layout

21 Figures A and B
25 Figures C, D, and E