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Oil and Petrol Cans 1930s-1940s

Miniart, 1/35 scale

Reviewed by Cookie Sewell


Stock No.

Miniart 1/35 scale Kit No. 35535; Oil and Petrol Cans 1930s-1940s

Contents and Media:

46 parts in grey styrene





Review Type:

First Look


Covers many small oil, solvent and lubricant cans for US, Commonwealth and German usage.


Will have some seams which may be more difficult to remove


Highly Recommended for any WWII vehicle or diorama.


While many people think that when commercial products were purchased for military use they were painted grey or olive drab with only stenciling to show what they contained, during WWII all sides had to make do with what they could get in bulk and in a hurry so often commercial products were shipped over as is. This nice new supplemental kit from Miniart now provides a good mix of them in both military colors and civilian paint to populate vehicles and dioramas.

A total of 26 different cans and four funnels are contained in the kit. Etched brass is included for many of the “flimsy” type cans with bent steel handles as well as handles for German 5 and 10 liter oil tanks.

The most impressive part of the kit is a fantastic sheet of decals with many well-known commercial brands represented, including Shell, BP, Texaco. Castrol, and lesser known brands such as Marly and Defender. German tanks get identifying bands (Kraftstoff, Oel, Feuergefarlich).\

The back of the kit box shows all of the colors and combinations offered within the kit, but keep in mind some are optional and duplicates are provided.

 Overall, since most vehicles would have had one or more cans of this sort of lubricant stowed someplace on them this is a welcome touch. Miniart seems to be providing a wealth of materials today for making models just that much better and more “lived in”!

Sprue Layout

Ae          4x2         Small can, funnel
Af           5x4         Flimsy cans
Bc          15x2       German style oil and solvent cans, funnel
Bd         15x2       German style large oil and lubricant cans
M-91      16           Etched brass