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US Army PTO Tanker Set

Panzer Art, 1/35 scale

Reviewed by Luke Pitt



Panzer Art Item No. F135-015 - US Army PTO Tanker Set

Media and Contents:

Ten parts in grey resin





Review Type:



Excellent casting; natural poses; useful as standalone or with a vehicle / diorama.




If you want to see how good a 1:35 scale figure can be right out of the box go out and buy these. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. .



Fighting in the Pacific during the Second Would War was a brutal affair. The US and its Allies faced a foe that would rather die than surrender, combine this with the harsh environment and the sheer logistics of the island hopping campaign took a toll of both the men machine.



This new figure set from Panzer Art is without a doubt the best I have seen thus far, the stance, the undercuts and indeed the casting of the figures is second to none.

The casting for example has a sheen to it and has no mould marks to speak of, combine this with very small and thin pour plugs at the base of the boots make these two a sight to behold.

Each figure is cast as a body, two arms and two alternate heads for each figure. One figure has his hands on his hips while the other is holding a shot gun pointing. The hands on these two together with the facial detail really set these two figures apart from anything currently available.

Thanks to Panzer Art for the sample www.panzerart.pl

Text by Luke Pitt
Images by Brett Green
Page Created 15 December, 2019
Page Last Updated 15 December, 2019