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US Army PTO Tanker Set

Panzer Art, 1/35 scale

Reviewed by Luke Pitt



Panzer Art Item No. F135-059 - USMC (PTO) Sherman Tank Crew

Media and Contents:

15 parts in grey resin





Review Type:



Excellent casting; natural poses; useful as standalone or with a vehicle / diorama.




If you want to see how good a 1:35 scale figure can be right out of the box go out and buy these. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. .



Operation of any fighting vehicle in a hot and humid environment can and does tax the effectiveness of the crew that man them. Most disregard and modify uniforms supplied and make do the best they can.



This new Panzer Art Sherman crew really captures then look and indeed feel of the period. Two half figures in tee shirts and one full figure are included. Each figure has an alternative head (one with a standard tanker helmet and one bare head with wonderfully rendered hair) The casting for example has a sheen to it and has no mold marks to speak of, combine this with very small and thin pour plugs make these three a sight to behold. The undercuts and fabric folds are masterfully done as are the hands, arm muscle definition and facial detail.

Thanks to Panzer Art for the sample www.panzerart.pl

Text by Luke Pitt
Images by Brett Green
Page Created 15 December, 2019
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