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US Infantryman

Reviewed by Mark Bannerman


Stock Number and Description S&T Products - Resin Figure Kit
Kit # STP 35009 - US Infantryman
Scale: 120mm
Media and Contents: Resin
Price: Available thought S&T Products
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Natural pose; great fabric representation; attention to detail; high quality molding; very little cleanup required
Recommendation: Highly Recommended



I have received one of STP’s latest releases of a US unfantryman in 1/35th scale (STP 35009. This is a figure sculpted by John Rosengrant and is cast in a high-grade yellow resin.

The figure comes with separate helmet, arms (with attachment locater), shovel and knapsack. The head is molded onto the torso. The mold quality is very well done and consistent with high-end resin manufacturers .Very little clean up and surface is void of pinholes.

There are three highlights on this figure which stand out - the natural leaning pose of the infantryman, the super quality of the folds in the trousers and the attention to details on the pouches attached to the belt. The arms are an excellent fit - and the right hand is molded on to the rifle sling. A very desirable “Bastogne” or late war winter figure that could be used either leaning on a tank or a wall.

Superb figure and highly recommended.

Available thought S&T Products at http://www.sntproducts.com . Their email is sntproductsjim@yahoo.com  or call 888-593-9071.

Text by Mark Bannerman
Page Created 29 May, 2006
Page Last Updated 28 May, 2006