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Warriors Figure Sets

French Tank Crew WWII
German BR52 Crew
LVT Drivers
Russian Tankers Set #1
German Head Set #65

Reviewed by Brett Green



Stock Number,  Description and Price WA 35604 - French Tank Crew WWII - USD$25.98
WA 35601 - German Head Set #65
WA 35600 - German BR52 Crew - USD$25.98
WA 35599 - LVT Drivers
WA 35598 - Russian Tankers Set #1
WA 35595 - LCVP/LVT Crew - USD$29.98
All available online from the Model Mecca website
Scale: 1/35
Media and Contents: Resin
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Natural poses; relevant to new and recent kit releases; good fabric representation; attention to detail; high quality molding; minimal little cleanup required
Recommendation: All Recommended



Warriors has been busy with new releases suitable for the latest kits.

This latest batch of 1/35 scale figures are all packaged in the new re-sealable transparent plastic boxes, with parts superbly cast in pale yellow resin. All figures also feature locating holes in the shoulders to precisely locate arms, and deep recesses. for the heads.

In summary, these figure sets are:

WA 35604 - French Tank Crew WWII

French tank crew figures are not exactly thick on the grounds, so Warrior's timely release will be welcomed by the many modellers who have bought Tamiya's superb Char B1 or Bronco's recent Hotchkiss. Warriors supply two figures - one standing and one seated on the rear turret hatch. A replacement resin hatch with a cushion is also provided in resin.

WA 35601 - German Head Set #65

Six generic German heads all wearing standard helmets with no camouflage netting. These versatile heads will be suitable for any 1/35 scale German figures.

WA 35600 - German BR52 Crew

Two 1/35 scale crew members for Trumpeter's big new locomotive. The driver is perched on a wooden box (supplied in resin), reclining with his elbow on the sill of the cabin, while the second crew member is shouting down to someone below. These guys will add some welcome scale and context to the train, and offer a link to various diorama ideas.

WA 35599 - LVT Drivers

These are two Marines in life jackets and helmets, one standing and one sitting. These figures both have nice, casual poses.

WA 35598 - Russian Tankers Set #1

With the proliferation of Soviet tank models from the Great Patriotic War in recent months and years, any new Russian Tankers are eagerly awaited. These two 1/35 scale figures will deliver unique content to your vignette or diorama. One figure on the ground is passing a shell to another crew member on the tank. The shell is not included, so you could use this tank crew on almost any Soviet armoured vehicle.

WA 35595 - LCVP/LVT Crew

Three 1/35 scale figures for either Italeri's or Trumpeter's LCVP kits. There are two gunners and one pilot, all wearing Mae Wests and helmets, in action poses.

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Text by Brett Green
Page Created 20 July, 2006
Page Last Updated 19 July, 2006