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Warriors Figure Sets

WA 35594 OIF LAV Crew Pt.2
WA 35609 British Comet Crew

Reviewed by Brett Green



Stock Number,  Description and Price WA 35594 OIF LAV Crew Pt.2 USD$25.98
WA 35609 British Comet Crew
Both available online from the Model Mecca website
Scale: 1/35
Media and Contents: Resin
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Natural poses; relevant to new and recent kit releases; good fabric representation; attention to detail; high quality molding; minimal little cleanup required
Recommendation: Both Recommended



Warriors has been busy as usual with new releases.

This latest pair of 1/35 scale figures are both packaged in the new re-sealable transparent plastic boxes, with parts superbly cast in pale yellow resin. All Warriors figures also feature locating holes in the shoulders to precisely locate arms, and deep recesses. for the heads:

WA 35594 OIF LAV Crew Pt.2



This set can be used on their own or with the recently released "OIF LAV Crew #1". The set comprises two full figures, both standing in "at readiness" poses.

WA 35609 British Comet Crew

This set includes three half-figures - a driver (from the chest up), a Commander and a Loader (both full-torso figures appropriate for upper hatches).



These figures will be certainly be suitable for the recent Bronco Comet, but also for any British or Commonwealth armoured vehicle in NW Europe, 1944/45.

Text by Brett Green
Page Created 15 October, 2006
Page Last Updated 14 October, 2006