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Archer Fine 1/35 scale Decals Uniform Markings - Various

Reviewed by Cookie Sewell


Stock Number, Scale, Description & Price

Archer Fine Transfers 1/35 scale Uniform Markings:                 

  • AR99042 – German SS Uniform Patches (Fabric Texture Applique); price US$9.95                 

  • AR99043C – German SS Shoulder Boards (Fabric Texture Applique); price US$11.95                 

  • AR99044 – German Helmet Insignias; price US$9.95                 

  • AR99055 – M1 Helmet Insignias; price US$9.95                 

  • FG35046 – WWII USMC Uniform Patches; price US$9.95

Media and Contents: Decals
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Crisp, clear markings for figures; fabric ones have a texture to them so they are not flat decals.
Recommendation: Highly Recommended for anyone doing up figures for a model or diorama



Archer Fine Transfers is continuing to convert their older dry transfer line over to waterslide decals with a finer finish than many other companies have offered in the past. They also now have fabric texture where needed to give the proper dull flat look to stripes and rank insignia made of cloth where appropriate.

Set 99042 provides for rank insignia and collar tabs for all basic SS ranks from private to colonel and other items such as breast and cap eagles, “death’s heads” and cuff titles; three of each are provided for five SS divisions (three each) and five with the “Adolf Hitler” logo. All have a raised dull texture to replicate cloth.



Set 99043C is a matching set which has all of the shoulder straps to match the sleeve or collar ranks. These also cover private to colonel (the upper three field grades only have one set each, the rest are multiples). Again, they have a dull clothlike finish.



Set 99044 is a set providing five different helmet markings for Wehrmacht, SS, and Luftwaffe wearers. Unlike many decal sets in figure sets, all of the markings are neatly centered and on register.



Set 99055 provides markings for the US “pot” helmets for both Army and Navy personnel with a large selection of medic insignia, unit numbers, airborne battalion insignia, and even chaplains. There is minimal overlap of the insignia by the backing decal except for the large helmet bands for MPs.



Set 35046 provides basic imprinted insignia and rank insignia for USMC utility uniforms to include chest eagles and USMC tags, name tags for 10 different individuals, ranks for lance corporal to sergeant, and divisional insignia in geometric form. As these were imprinted they are decals to fit flat and will need flat coating once in place.




In summary, these update older sets of dry transfers with modern technology and make for a simple way to enhance figures.

Thanks to Woody Vondracek for the review samples.

Text and Images by Cookie Sewell
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