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German WWII Tool and Clamp Sets
Pt. 2

Eduard 1/35 scale

Reviewed by Brett Green


Stock Number, Description and Price

Eduard PRINT 1:35 scale -

Item No. 635024 - WWII German 10 Ton Jacks. USD$12.95 plus shipping

Item No. 635026 – WWII German Wire Cutters. USD$7.95 plus shipping

Scale: 1/35
Media and Contents: 3d printed resin parts; photo-etched parts (wire cutters); instructions.
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Versatile usage; perfect printing; great vehicle and diorama accessories.
Disadvantages: None noted.
Recommendation: These accessories will be very useful to military vehicle and diorama builders.


Eduard’s latest accessory offering is the PRINT series. These are 3d printed resin parts, sometimes with additional photo-etched enhancements.

Eduard has now expanded its PRINT series to include military subjects.

This time we will take a look at two recent sets aimed at 1:35 scale German WWII on-vehicle equipment.

Both of the sets are packed inside a clear plastic box. In prior released the resin parts were attached to the bottom of the box with double-sided tape but they are now loose in the small box, making it much easier to remove and less likely to break the parts when prising the resin away from the adhesive.



The 3d printing is perfectly done for both sets. Removal and clean-up will be fast and easy.
Instructions are included for both sets.


Item No. 635024 - WWII German 10 Ton Jacks



The first in this selection is a set of three WWII German 10 ton jacks. These were frequently seen on Panzers and other heavy WWII German military vehicles.



The body and handle of each jack is printed as one piece.



Two hollow handles are also printed onto the body of each jack – nice touch.



Three other resin pieces per jack make up the mounting brackets.



It is nice to have separate brackets so the jacks may be used off the vehicle.


Item No. 635026 – WWII German Wire Cutters



Eduard has supplied five wire cutters in this new set. Each of the clamps is printed as a single resin part.



Four of the cutters are mounted in clamps. The clamps are printed directly onto the cutters.



Two of the clamps are left opening and two open on the right side.  A fifth clamp is free from any clamps or mounts so they can be used in a diorama or vignette.



A photo-etched fret delivers two styles of four vehicle mounts for the wire cutters.




C o n c l u s i o n

All of these accessories will be very useful to military vehicle and diorama builders.

All Recommended.

Thanks to Eduard for the samples www.eduard.com

Text and Images by Brett Green
Page Created 11 August, 2023
Page Last Updated 11 August, 2023