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New Release Roundup - January 2024

Gecko Models



Gecko Model has sent the following text and image for three interesting forthcoming releaaes:

1/16 scale German 7.5cm PaK 40 Anti-Tank Gun Early Production

Gecko Models will be releasing a 1/16 scale Pak 40 (Early Production).

The Pak 40 was a 75mm anti tank gun used by German forces during WW2.


1/16 scale Universal Carrier Mk.II



Gecko Models are now ready to announce their next 1/16 scale model. They will be releasing the iconic Universal Carrier Mk II. The carrier, a small tracked vehicle, was used by British and Commonwealth forces in a number of different iterations throughout the war, in all theatres.


1/35 scale WWII British Army Truck Driver Set



Gecko Models is to issue a useful set of 1/35 scale British Army truck drivers. This is an aggregation of the figures already included in some previous Gecko releases.

Thanks to Gecko Models for the information and images.