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Panzer Vor! German Armor at War 1939-45

Reviewed by John Prigent


Publisher and Title Panzer Vor! German Armor at War 1939-45, by Frank V. de Sisto, colour plates by Laurent Lecocq
ISBN: 962-361-090-4
Media and Contents: 72 pages
Price: USD$16.50
Review Type: First Read
Advantages: New and interesting photographs, informative text, attractive colour plates; helpful captions
Recommendation: Highly Recommended



This new book from regular Missing Links reviewer Frank de Sisto is packed with photographs, most of them new to me. It begins with two pages of text giving the basics of German armoured unit organisation and an overview of camouflage colours and tactical numbering systems, with acknowledgements to Thomas Jentz and Hilary Doyle for their work in establishing the true colours used.

The remaining pages are full of photographs arranged first with the Panzers in order from Pz I to Pz VI, then the Sturmgeschuetzen, followed by armoured cars. This is very logical and makes it easy to look for photos of any particular vehicle type. There’s an eight-page section of colour plates in the middle of the book, with two side-view plates to a page plus scrap views where needed to show frontal markings – all excellently done and presented at a good size.

The photographs and plates all have very good captions, pointing out features of interest on the vehicles and making quite a good reference in themselves for anyone without an extensive personal library. The colour schemes are also described in the captions, with the difficulties of interpreting monochrome photographs pointed out and alternative interpretations noted – much better than simply saying “green on dark yellow” and leaving the reader to wonder how an author knew this. Coverage extends from the Polish campaign to the end of the War so here is a very complete selection.

With an average of three photos to a page you get about 180 photographs here, as I’ve said most of them new. An excellent collection, and recommended accordingly.

Highly Recommended.