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Luchs, Panzer III/IV and King Tiger Track Sets

T-Rex Studio, 1/35 scale

Reviewed by Brett Green

Stock Number, Description & Price

T-Rex Studio Item Nos:

TR85012 – Luchs Tracks, USD$29.99

TR85028 – Pz.III/IV Tracks Type 7, USD$33.99

TR85049 – King Tiger Tracks Common Type, USD$38.99

plus shipping all available from T-Rex Studio's website

Scale: 1/35
Media and Contents: Salmon coloured 3d printed resin parts.
Review Type: First Look
Advantages: Amazing level of detail; perfect printing; track links ready to assemble straight from the box; simple assembly; subtle features offer an improvement over the kit's plastic parts.
Recommendation: These T-Rex Studio replacement track sets will give these kits a genuinely luxurious lift..



T-Rex Studio has a large range of 3D printed track sets. Today we are looking at three recent releases:


TR85012 – Luchs Tracks



The first of these is a set of fully workable individual links that will be a simple replacement for 1:35 scale Luchs kits.



Luchs kits have been released over the years by ICM, Hobby Boss, Tristar and Academy. These tracks should be suitable for all of these.




The parts are 3d printed in salmon-coloured resin.



240 individual track links plus track pins are supplied. These are ready to assemble straight from the box – no clean-up required at all.



Assembly is fast and easy. Simply hold two links together and insert one track pin in either side of the links. Carefully lower the track pin into the holes in the track. I pressed harder once the link was all the way in and this was sufficient to hold the link firmly in place. No glue required!



I assembled ten links to see how they worked. Assembly went very quickly with the assistance of an Optivisor and tweezers.



The completed run is fabulously workable, and once assembled the track links stayed together nicely.


TR85028 – Pz.III/IV Tracks Type 7



Next up is a set of 1:35 scale Panzer III/IV tracks for late-war tanks and variants. Mostly very late war variants actually. I think you are most likely to see this style of track link on late Panzer IV Ausf. J, Jagdpanzer IV, Brummbars and possibly very late Sturmgeschutz III and IV.



Check your references.



220 links are included in this set.



Inside the small cardboard box, the salmon-coloured resin parts are separated into links and tracks pins. They are packed in separate ziplock bags.

Assembly method is the same as the Luchs tracks described above.


TR35049 – King Tiger Tracks Common Type



The final set of tracks examined today is for 1:35 scale King Tiger tracks. These will also be suitable for Jagdtiger kits.



220 links are included in this set, all in salmon coloured 3D printed resin.



The King Tiger featured a two-part track link. These are packed in two separate ziplock bags. A third bag holds the track pins.



As these tracks are a bit different to the Luchs and Panzer III/IV variants, I assembled eight links to see how they went.



I found them even easier to assemble than the Luchs tracks as the links and the track pins were bigger, and therefore easier to see and handle.



These will be a significant upgrade for your 1:35 scale King Tiger and Jagdtiger sets.



They are also available in different variations from T-Rex Studios.


These T-Rex Studio replacement track sets will give these kits a genuinely luxurious lift.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to T-Rex Studio for the samples www.t-rex-studio.com

Text and Images by Brett Green
Page Created 24 March, 2023
Page Last Updated 27 March, 2023