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German sFH 18 15cm Field Howitzer

Trumpeter, 1/35 scale

Reviewed by Andrew Judson


Stock No.

Trumpeter German sFH 18 15cm Field Howitzer Item Number: 02304

Contents and Media:

Plastic and metal parts


AUD$34.95 (distributed in Australia by J.B. Wholesalers)



Review Type:

First Look


High quality mouldings; metal barrel with rifling included; excellent value for money.


Vinyl tyres; sink marks; officially may only be built in towing configuration; accuracy issues




It is always good to see a new kit of an artillery piece hit the market, especially when it is in the form of an injected kit and not one of those pricey resin items.

l am not going to go into all the accuracy or inaccuracy of this kit as l think it has already been covered well enough on other sites, so l am going to judge it as an out of the box build and the bang you get for your buck.

Underneath the nicely illustrated box art are five frets of plastic parts, four vinyl tyres, a nice metal barrel including rifling, two sections of frame, two metal tubes and a nice small length of chain.

Also included are well illustrated instructions, and an A4 colour chart of the gun.

The parts themselves, appear to be clean with very little or no flash. There are some sink marks that will require a little putty, and the detail looks to be crisp. Overall, l am impressed with the quality so far. l like the fact that you get a metal barrel with rifling, and also a plastic one, though l was suprised that it was done in two halves and not slide moulded as Trumpeter has done before - strange.

The tyres were another small let down for me, as l would have prefered them to be in plastic and not vinyl, only because vinyl perishes over time. l suppose these could always be changed for a resin substitute if desired.

The only other thing that was a let down for me, was the fact that it only shows in the instuctions that it is built in the towed position, though l am sure with a little tweaking you could build it in the firing position.

In summary, l think this is a great model, of an interesting subject, and l can see myself building a couple of these. The price factor is also excelent.


Thanks to J.B. Wholesalers for the review sample.