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Tiger (Porsche) Detail Set

Voyager Model, 1/35 scale


Reviewed by Jay Laverty

Catalogue Number and Description: Voyager Models PE 35057 - Tiger (Porsche) For DML6210/6353
Contents and Media: Photo-etched frets and multi-media accessories
Scale: 1/35
Price: Available from specialist hobby retailers worldwide including Mission Models
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Amazing detail; noticeable improvement on scale appearance of some kit parts; poseable and even workable details.
Recommendation: Recommended to experienced modellers

Voyager Model Accessories are available online from Mission Models


For those of you with the sublime Dragon Porsche Tiger comes a set from aftermarket producer Voyager Models.

In keeping with their established format, this comprises more than simply photo-etched frets, although it is not quite as extensive and multi medium as some of the other offerings I have seen from this company. There are however some additional parts, comprising some springs and brackets on the fenders.


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The 8 etched frets cover the standard parts normally replicated in this type of detail set, and the realisation is both intricate and impressive. Assembly looks like it will require a fair amount of patience, although studying the instructions leaves me with the impression that it will not be quite as involved as a couple of the other offerings I have seen from these guys. I would however, not recommend this set to novice modellers for the simple fact that something simpler would be better to cut their teeth on and starting with sets as complex as what Voyager produce may prove somewhat intimidating and off putting for younger modellers.

Given that Voyager etched sets retail at an average of 12 to 15.00 in the UK (available from White Ensign Models here) I think that they are pretty good value for money, particularly considering their thoroughness in covering the subject.

While I understand that multi media modelling is not for every modeller, I personally like to utilise the appropriate medium in any situation and these etched sets provide excellent detail where they are used.

Highly Recommended

Thanks to Voyager Model for the samples

Text by Jay Laverty
Images Copyright 2007 by Voyager Models
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