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Panther A and G Detail Sets

Voyager Model, 1/35 scale


Reviewed by Jay Laverty

Catalogue Number and Description: Voyager Model item no. PE35084 Panther Ausf. A
Voyager Model item no. PEA075 Side Skirts for Panther G-F / Jagdpanther
Voyager Model item no. PEA070 Cleaning Rod Bin for Panthers and Jagdpanthers
Voyager Model item no. PE35140 Panther Ausf. G
Contents and Media: Photo-etched frets and multi-media accessories
Scale: 1/35
Price: Available from specialist hobby retailers worldwide including Mission Models
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Amazing detail; noticeable improvement on scale appearance of some kit parts; poseable and even workable details including hatches and pistol ports.
Recommendation: Recommended to experienced modellers

Voyager Model Accessories are available online from Mission Models


In total we will be looking at four separate items newly released from Voyager Model, and all of them are just as impressive as the other. Of course I may be slightly biased as I really enjoy making Panthers. The new generation of Panthers from Dragon are very impressive on their own, however as with any injection kit, there are many spots that will benefit from the addition of thinner photo-etched details.

PE35084 Panther Ausf. A



First up let’s have a look at PE 35084, designed to be used on Dragons Panther Ausf. A (kit numbers 6160 / 6168 and 6358). Comprising no less than 9 etched frets several lengths of styrene rod are included as well as a couple lengths of metal wire and a couple of knob ends for the width indicator poles. A very subtle and welcome addition if you ask me.

While there are points of the set that will be already covered in the Dragon kit (in particular the extensively complimented “Premium Edition” kits) yet it is better to have it all here in one set in case you want to use it with the most basic of the Dragon releases. The level of detail covered over the set is absolutely amazing, and whether intentional or not, finds a happy median between labour intensive engineering work and slightly challenging additional detail work. A look through the instructions reveals that the process is intelligently, as well as clearly illustrated, even if English translation is not Voyager Models strongest point! (Cuppla, and Scletchbuild are my personal favourites…) What is also clearly and immediately apparent is the fact that this set will vastly and significantly enhance the look of the kit in a lot of places. I was particularly impressed by the intricately detailed parts to enhance the pistol port, the mounting brackets for the exhausts are sublime, and as you can see from the accompanying images the stowage bins are very well rendered.

PEA075 Side Skirts for Panther G-F / Jagdpanther



There isn’t a great deal to be said about this set, as all it does is give you the additional armour side-skirts that are included in the Premium Edition versions of the Dragon Panthers. These can be added to the “Smart Kit” version of the Panthers (thus far) as well as the Tamiya Panthers, and also the Dragon Jagdpanthers. I am quite sure that should you wish to do so, these could be added to the venerable Italeri Jagdpanther and Panthers, which always seem to turn up somewhere for cheap.

PEA070 Cleaning Rod Bin for Panthers and Jagdpanthers



This is a stunning bit of kit as it is intricately detailed and very universal. As with, and probably even more so, the side skirts above, this set can be adapted to any Panther or variant that you have. Italeri, Tamiya, Dragon.

I was extremely impressed by looking at the details on the etched fret closely as the chain is nicely rendered, and the detail is excellent and thorough right down to the weld seams on the mounting brackets.

Included with the set is a small fret of etched and of course the tube for rod stowage.

PE35140 Panther Ausf. G



Once again this set is extremely impressive from the moment the box is opened. Containing 7 etched frets, comprising a stunning array of detail ranging from rear stowage bins every bit as impressive as the ones in the set mentioned above. Some beautiful copper wire is included, that is perfectly flexible, and if you have ever used the wonderful Karaya copper tow cable, this is exactly the same gear.
The engine deck is completely detailed and the sliding louvres for the grilles are there, along with working lifting eyes, and just about every detail you can think of, regardless of how small.

In fact they have us making springs for the drivers hatches along with a completely detailed latch mechanism for the escape hatch at the rear of the turret.

Overall I would rate all of these sets very highly, and despite the fact that some of them will have parts covered in the Premium Editions of the Dragon kits, they will be infinitely useful either way, for a multitude of kits, not only the Dragon Panthers either. If you enjoy replacing detail with closer to scale photo-etched parts, these sets are among the best there is for doing so.

Voyager Models accessories are available in the USA from Mission Models.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Voyager Model for the samples

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Text by Jay Laverty
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