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DEF.Model Sheridan Tank Barrel Sets

Reviewed by Luke Pitt


Item No., Scale and Description:

DEF.Model 1:35 scale US M551 Sheridan Tank 152 mm Barrel sets Items DM35087 (Early) DM35088 (Late)

Media and Contents:

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Available online from DEF.Model and specialist retailers worldwide

Review Type:

First Read


Perfect finish and excellent detail.




A worthwhile upgrade for the Tamiya kit.



DEF Model is fast becoming an aftermarket producer of choice for many. Their range is expanding and it is pleasant to see they have released two new additions for the recently released Tamiya Sheridan. Now I know what most of you are now thinking. Why would I purchase these when Tamiya has already released an update set for it?



Well, if you just want the barrel then these two sets give you the option of either the early barrel (as in the Tamiya update) or the late barrel. In addition, the DEF barrels have the rifling as a small photo-etch plate that you simply roll up and place in the inside of the barrel itself. The only negative noticed was the hollowed out section of the barrel itself may be a tad shallow for some, otherwise these are two very welcome updates.

Thanks to DEF Model for the sample www.defmodel.com

Text and Images by Brett Green
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